Fun and Relaxed Areias do Seixo Wedding video // Siham and Manhal

Having fun and enjoying their day at Areias do Seixo was what these two just did amongst their loved ones at this charming hotel. Laughing hard and hugging harder was the moto.

Siham and Manhal thank you so much for all letting us be there and witness all this love.

With one of our favorite picture maker Pedro Vilela and the amazing party makers Cherry on Top

Sela X Jonas // Marrakech wedding video at Beldi country club.

We will always have Marrakesh, it sounds like a cliché but these two beautiful souls will always be bounded to this country. This norwegian couple from Oslo consider Morocco their second home, and what better ideia than put all your friends and family all together in the beautiful Beldi country club in Marrakesh and celebrate love and happiness.

Thanks, Sela and Jonas, for inviting us to be a part of your celebration, and into the hearts of your family and friends. Those 3 days were incredible and we are truly honored to have been present for those moments.

Sofia X Diogo // Sud, Lisbon

"Ainda não caímos em nós do quão incrível está o vídeo! 

Obrigada pelo empenho, pelo cuidado...(até as fotos da minha despedida!) 

 Estamos super felizes e orgulhosos... Os nossos caminhos tinham que se cruzar e somos uns sortudos! 

Só para teres um noção do feedback que estamos a ter do vídeo; os meus pais agradeceram-nos por termos este vídeo... Porque assim conseguiram reviver tudo, ficou uma saudade e uma vontade de reviver! 

Missão cumprida!!! 

Muito obrigada!


We still can't believe how incredible the video is!

Thank you for the commitment, for the care ... We are super happy and proud ... Our paths had to cross and we are lucky!

My parents thanked us for having this video ... Because they managed to revive everything, there was a longing and a desire to relive!

Mission Accomplished!!!

Thank you!"

Don't forget to see all the incredible photos on The Framers blog, they rock so much :D